National Association of Manufacturers

The North American Plastics Recycling Alliance (NAPRA) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) are teaming up to develop a three-part webinar series to give manufacturers the tools and resources they need to increase use of recycled plastics.

Webinar Series: Closing the Circle in Manufacturing by
Eliminating Barriers to Using Recycled Content
Part I: Aligning Procurement and Sustainability Goals

There are a number of value propositions for using recycled plastics, but achieving content goals can still be challenging. This three-part webinar series will explore the real and perceived challenges of integrating recycled plastics into the supply chain and provide real-world solutions to those challenges.

This first webinar focused on aligning procurement and sustainability goals, as well as on overcoming procurement and supply challenges that companies may encounter when shifting their operations to use recycled plastics.